ITE 2020 covers four major parts, there are:

  • Irrigation Area: Irrigation equipment:garden irrigation equipment, industry irrigation and drainage equipment, precision irrigation equipment, sprinkler irrigation machinery, micro-irrigation system, drip irrigation pipe(belt) system,pipe fittings, automatic control system, solar irrigation systems, nozzle, injection pump, plant protection machinery, garden machinery, water soluble fertilizer,cucumber, etc.


  • Greenhouse & Horticultural Area: Greenhouse engineering, complete sets of greenhouse, greenhouse skeleton material, matching system of greenhouse,greenhouse structure, films, plant lighting, heat preservation, volume by motor,ventilation system, temperature control system, horticultural suppliers,ornamental plants, urban agriculture, tourism agriculture, etc.


  •  Intelligence Equipment Area : Agricultural aircraft and small unmanned aircraft,agricultural aviation technology and applying pesticide spraying equipment,remote sensing technology, agricultural aviation supplies, flight safety equipment,all kinds of high efficiency and energy saving plant protection machinery,intelligent weeding robot, air suspension sprinkler spray machine, intelligent fruit sorting equipment, high-tech products such as harvesting robot, etc.


  •  Wisdom Agricultural Technology Area: Informatization of agriculture, precision agriculture technology, testing instruments, soil-less cultivation techniques, agricultural high-tech equipment, agricultural information communication services, information management,Internet of things,intelligent controller,intelligent greenhouse ,drip irrigation system controller, the soil humidity controller, related technology and equipment etc.