The 10th China(Beijing) International Irrigation Technology Exhibition(ITE)

March 31 - April 2, 2024     National Convention Center, Beijing

2021 Shenzhen industrial exhibition will take a big step forward!

Issuing time:2021-01-18 11:21

This March is our first "break appointment" in 21 years. However, thank you for your understanding and support. In September, we did our best to complete this year's "cover up" (the number of visitors to ites in 2020 reached 13W +). All the best, just because of the industrial exhibition - you have to "face-to-face" to taste enough!

In 2021, in order to present a professional exhibition with higher level, more characteristics and highly meeting the market demand of equipment manufacturing industry in South China, ites Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition and SIMM Shenzhen Machinery Exhibition, as one of the "top ten brand exhibitions in Shenzhen", will be "upgraded" again. This upgrade is not only based on the fact that we have been rooted in South China for 21 years and are well versed in market changes, but also based on the fact that we are highly refined from the exhibition content to create a large-scale professional exhibition In addition, the market characteristics of Shenzhen pilot zone, the economic hinterland, are fully considered. In terms of exhibition scale, the exhibition has doubled to 12 pavilions and 240000 square meters.

2021 ites new positioning

Super large scale: the total exhibition scale is 240000 m2

The core content is 120000 M2 CNC machine tools and special equipment;

80000 square meters of core industrial technology and automation application organic linkage;

40000 M2 mechanical parts and industrial elements are complementary to each other.

2021 ites display classification map

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Super professional: combination of 5 theme exhibitions and subdivision zones

Super material: three bright spots in equipment manufacturing industry

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Build the largest international machine tool exhibition in South China

2021 ites will gather nearly 600 machine tool enterprises from more than 30 countries and regions in the world. The exhibition covers five axis / gantry machining centers, precision machine tools, precision drilling and tapping, electrical machining, CNC lathes, special machine tools, laser precision machining equipment, sheet metal forming machines, etc.

Among them, international famous brands such as Yamazaki Mazak, Muye, GF processing scheme, Mikron, Haas, Rhodes, Doosan, Nicholas, HEC, eggso, shadik, Tsutsui, West Rail City, Mitsubishi Electric, tongkuai, Baichao, IPG, Sigmund, Tuocheng machinery, British BSV sheet metal inspection, Holland wenla, rantke, etc;

At the same time, it has also gathered outstanding domestic equipment representatives who provide precise, flexible and professional solutions, such as Beijing Jingdiao, Haitian Jinggong, Taiqun, Runxing, Huaya, Ningqing, Qiaofeng, Lichi, yawai Chengtai, Youji, Qinghong, Han's, Pentium, Hongshan, Huagong, Yawei, Jinfangyuan, Yangli, etc.

The exhibition not only comprehensively presents all kinds of advanced processing and manufacturing equipment, and provides solutions for special machine tools, flexible units and production lines according to different process requirements of various industries, but also ushers in the annual debut show of all kinds of innovative and sophisticated products, and many new products of enterprises will meet you through ites platform.

Gather advanced core technology and focus on special equipment manufacturing

With the demand expansion of 3C electronics, medical devices, rail transit, packaging and printing, logistics and transportation, woodworking machinery, engineering agricultural machinery, mold hardware processing, semiconductor and other industries in South China, ites Shenzhen Industrial Exhibition accurately focuses on the production and manufacturing needs of special equipment carried by more than 800 professional buyers in the industry, and comprehensively links more than 1000 cutting tools, machine function parts, motion control, mechanical transmission Mobile parts, industrial consumables and other core technology manufacturers. At that time, the advanced core technologies and services for special equipment manufacturing in various industries will be presented.

High quality processing enterprises gather to meet the needs of various manufacturing links

Nearly 500 processing service enterprises from 3D printing, precision parts processing, mold processing and other fields will gather together to present the application of various advanced processing technologies in aerospace, medical devices, 5g communication, semiconductor, optics, automobile and auto parts industries, so as to provide one-stop purchasing and trading platform for users at home and abroad.

It is worth mentioning that in order to better serve the electronic information industry in South China, ites Shenzhen industrial exhibition will join hands with global resources to build the first electronic intelligent manufacturing exhibition, covering electronic components, electronic product solutions, electronic production equipment (SMT) and other sectors, so as to fully meet the upstream purchasing needs of exhibitors and buyers.

Super high end

In 2021ites, we will focus on 5g construction, new energy, electronic manufacturing, mold processing and other cutting-edge industries, invite industry leaders to give lectures, and break through the pain points in each processing link of the industrial chain one by one through a new theme combination of activities, so as to provide the audience with an efficient communication machine that can not be missed meeting.

2021 ites super buyer lineup

Relying on 21 years of industry accumulation, the exhibition has involved 15 major application industries in the field of manufacturing equipment. Every March, professional buyers from 3C electronics, automotive, medical devices, new energy, precision parts manufacturing, mold, semiconductor, office equipment, glasses, jewelry and other industries gather at the scene to find the world's cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

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